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Super Visa Insurance Canada

What Is Super Visa Insurance?

Super Visa Insurance is an exclusive form of travel insurance designed specifically for the parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents planning to stay in the country for an extended period. This specialized insurance provides coverage for any potential medical emergencies that may arise during their visit, ensuring peace of mind and the best care for your loved ones throughout their stay. Super Visa Insurance ensures that super visa-holders meet the necessary insurance criteria, ensuring a smooth and compliant visa application process.

Unlike a regular visitor’s visa, which typically allows a stay of up to 6 months, the Super Visa offers distinct advantages. It is a multi-entry visa that permits visitors to remain in Canada for as long as 5 years and enables them to exit and re-enter the country multiple times during that period.

The Super Visa has opened up a wonderful opportunity for individuals longing to reunite with their parents or grandparents. However, it is crucial to note that acquiring health insurance from a Canadian insurance company is a fundamental and mandatory requirement to avail of this visa.

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    Eligibility Requirements for Super Visa?

    To qualify for a super visa, the applicant must meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • Relationship: The person applying must be either the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
    • Financial Support: They must obtain a letter from their child or grandchild, confirming that they will provide financial support during the visa-holder’s stay in Canada.
    • Minimum Income Requirement: The applicant must provide evidence that their child or grandchild meets the minimum income threshold as set by the Canadian government.
    • Proof of Status: A copy of their child or grandchild’s Canadian passport or Permanent Resident Card (PR Card) must be provided as proof of their status.
    • Medical Examination: The applicant must undergo a medical examination to demonstrate that they are in good health and fit to enter the country.
    • Insurance Coverage: It is mandatory for the visa-holder to have adequate insurance coverage from a Canadian insurance company (super visa insurance) to cover any medical expenses during their stay in Canada.

    Is Super Visa Insurance Necessary?

    Yes, it is essential for visitors coming to Canada on a super visa to have super visa insurance. A significant aspect of the super visa program is ensuring that visitors do not become a financial burden on public healthcare or the family member sponsoring them. Super visa insurance serves as proof of sufficient coverage in the event of a health emergency during their extended visit spanning multiple years.

    What Are the Requirements for Super Visa Insurance?

    To meet the minimum criteria for super visa insurance, the policy must adhere to the following guidelines:

    • Valid Duration: The insurance policy must be valid for a minimum of one year, starting from the date the visa-holder arrives in Canada.
    • Adequate Coverage: The policy should provide coverage of at least $100,000 CAD to ensure sufficient protection for the visa-holder’s medical needs during their stay in Canada.
    • Comprehensive Medical Coverage: The insurance plan must include coverage for emergency medical care, potential hospitalization expenses, and repatriation costs.
    • Ongoing Availability: The policy must remain active and readily accessible for review by immigration officials each time the visa-holder enters Canada.
    • Canadian Insurance Company: It is essential to purchase the super visa insurance from a Canadian insurance company to meet the program’s requirements effectively.

    What Does Super Visa Insurance Cover?

    Super Visa Insurance policies typically encompass a range of essential coverage, including:

    • Emergency medical treatment for illness or injury: This ensures that the visa-holder receives necessary medical attention in case of unexpected health issues during their stay in Canada.
    • Prescription medications: The cost of prescribed medications is often included in the coverage, helping to ease the financial burden of essential drugs.
    • Emergency dental services: In the event of dental emergencies, the insurance can provide coverage for necessary dental treatments.
    • Essential medical equipment: Coverage may extend to medical equipment such as crutches, wheelchairs, slings, braces, etc., aiding in the recovery process after an injury or illness.
    • Diagnostic laboratory procedures: X-rays, bloodwork, ultrasounds, and other diagnostic tests may be covered under the policy, ensuring comprehensive medical care.
    • Ground, air, or sea ambulance services: In case of medical emergencies requiring transportation to a hospital, the insurance can cover the costs of ambulance services.
    • Follow-up post-medical appointments: The insurance may also include coverage for necessary follow-up medical appointments after receiving emergency treatment.
    • Ambulance travel to the nearest hospital: In situations where immediate medical attention is required, the insurance can cover the expenses of ambulance transport to the nearest medical facility.

    It’s essential to note that while most policies cover these fundamental areas, the specific coverage may vary from one super visa medical insurance policy to another. You have the flexibility to explore multiple options and choose the coverage that best suits their needs when applying for this type of insurance.

    Does Super Visa Insurance Cover Pre-existing Medical Conditions?

    Yes, super visa insurance does offer coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, but there are specific criteria that must be met for such coverage to apply. To be considered eligible, your pre-existing condition must be stable, which means it should not have:

    • Gotten worse
    • Caused new symptoms
    • Required new medication or treatment
    • Led to a new diagnosis

    Most Canadian providers require your pre-existing health issue to remain stable for at least 180 days (approximately 6 months) to be considered covered under your health insurance plan for the Canadian super visa.

    However, it is important to note that different insurance providers may have varying requirements regarding the minimum stability period. The timeframe for your condition to be stable, also known as the “minimum stability period,” can range from 90 to 180 days, depending on the insurance provider’s policies. Therefore, it is crucial to check and understand the specific terms and conditions of your chosen insurance plan to ensure that your pre-existing medical conditions are adequately covered during your stay in Canada under the super visa.

    What are the Costs of Super Visa Insurance?

    The Super Visa Insurance cost typically ranges between $100 to $200 per month for each parent or grandparent visiting Canada. However, the exact fees can vary based on several factors, such as:

    • Age
    • Health and medical history
    • Policy duration
    • Coverage amount
    •  Deductible

    In the past, Super Visa Insurance required full payment at the time of purchase. However, since December 2022, there are now options to pay in convenient monthly installments. Additionally, individuals can also choose to sponsor their parents or grandparents and purchase the Super Visa Insurance on their behalf. This flexibility in payment methods allows families to plan and manage their expenses more efficiently while ensuring their loved ones have the necessary coverage during their stay in Canada.

    Can I Opt for Monthly Payments for Super Visa Insurance?

    Yes, you have the flexibility to pay for super visa insurance either on a monthly or yearly basis. However, it’s important to note that only specific insurance providers currently offer monthly payment options, while most providers typically allow annual payments.

    The Canadian government accepts both payment options as long as the medical insurance plan for super visa holders is fully paid by the time the individual arrives in Canada. The accepted payment methods are:

    • Paid in full for a 12-month period.
    • Deposit paid for a monthly payment plan.

    It’s essential to keep in mind that the government will not accept quotes for a payment plan; the insurance policy must be paid in accordance with the requirements mentioned above.

    Benefits of Choosing a Monthly Plan for Super Visa Insurance

    Opting for a monthly plan for super visa insurance offers several advantages to parents and grandparents visiting their family members in Canada. Firstly, it allows an extended stay of up to two years. Additionally, the plan provides comprehensive medical coverage that fulfills the government of Canada’s requirements.

    Choosing a monthly plan also offers flexibility in terms of payment. Instead of paying for a full year of coverage upfront, applicants can select monthly premiums that fit their budget, eliminating the financial burden of a lump-sum payment. Moreover, monthly plans can be renewed if the applicant needs to stay in Canada longer than initially anticipated, making it a convenient and affordable option for parents and grandparents seeking more time with their loved ones in Canada.

    Which Canadian insurers offer monthly super visa insurance plans?

    Canadian insurance companies allow super visa insurance payments as below:

    • Travelance
    • 21st Century
    • Secure Travel

    We work with all the best Canadian insurance providers; if you’re interested in getting a monthly payment plan, contact us today.

    Size Of Family Unit LICO – 12 Months
    1 person $26,620
    2 persons $33,140
    3 persons $40,742
    4 persons $49,466
    5 persons $56,104
    6 persons $63,276
    7 persons $70,448
    More than 7 persons, for each additional person $7,172

    Income Requirements For Super Visa

    Income requirements are an essential aspect of the Super Visa application process. They are in place to ensure that applicants have the financial means to support themselves during their visit to Canada. By meeting these requirements, applicants can demonstrate their ability to cover their expenses without relying on public funds.

    Minimum Income Threshold: Sponsors must meet or exceed the minimum income threshold based on family size and updated annually.

    Proof of Income: Sponsors must provide supporting documents like pay stubs, employment letters, tax assessments, and bank statements.

    Low Income Cut-Off (LICO): Generally, income should be at least 30% above the LICO for the sponsor’s family size.

    Super Visa Insurance Benefits

    Are you planning to bring your parents or grandparents to Canada for an extended stay? If so, it’s crucial to understand Super Visa Insurance’s importance and its valuable benefits. This comprehensive insurance coverage fulfills the Canadian government’s requirements and provides financial security and peace of mind for your loved ones during their stay. 

    Super Visa Insurance is a mandatory requirement for all applicants of the Super Visa. The Canadian government introduced this requirement to ensure that parents and grandparents are adequately covered for any medical emergencies during their stay. By having Super Visa Insurance, families can avoid the financial burden of unexpected medical expenses and provide their loved ones with the necessary healthcare support.

    Processing Time for Super Visa Insurance

    The processing time for super visa insurance can vary depending on the insurance provider and the completeness of the application. Typically, receiving a quote from the insurance company takes a few days to a week. The insurance provider will issue the policy once the applicant accepts the quote and submits all the required documents.

    To avoid any last-minute delays or complications, it is advisable to apply for super visa insurance well before the planned travel date, allowing sufficient time for processing. Some insurance providers may offer expedited processing for an additional fee.

    Get Most of your Super Visa Insurance

    We are here to help you make the most informed decisions regarding your super visa insurance needs. With extensive experience as an insurance advisor, Rupinder Rai specializes in providing tailored insurance solutions for families sponsoring their loved ones on a Super Visa, securing comprehensive coverage that suits your unique requirements. We will guide you through the process, making it easy and hassle-free.

    Why Super Visa Insurance is worthy?
    Schedule and appointment with Rupinder Rai today for Super Visa Insurance.

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    Super Visa Insurance

    Super Visa Insurance is mandatory insurance coverage required for parents and grandparents visiting Canada on a Super Visa. It provides medical coverage and financial protection in case of emergencies.

    No, selecting an insurance provider recognized by the Canadian government and meeting the specific requirements for Super Visa Insurance is essential.

    Super Visa Insurance typically covers medical expenses, hospitalization, emergency services, repatriation, and travel assistance. The coverage may vary depending on the insurance provider and plan chosen.

    Super Visa Insurance is designed explicitly for visits lasting up to two years. For shorter stays, regular visitor insurance may be more appropriate.

    Super Visa Insurance costs depend on factors such as the insured person’s age, medical history, and the coverage options chosen. Premiums can vary among different insurance providers.

    Yes, Super Visa insurance is a mandatory requirement for obtaining the Super Visa. It ensures that visitors have adequate coverage for medical expenses during their stay in Canada.

    Yes, you can include your spouse or dependents in the Super Visa insurance plan. However, their eligibility and coverage options may vary depending on their specific circumstances.

    Super Visa insurance may provide coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, but it is essential to disclose all relevant information during the application process. The coverage for pre-existing conditions may vary among insurance providers.

    Yes, you can switch insurance providers when your current policy expires. However, ensure that there is no gap in coverage, and that the new insurance plan meets the requirements of the Super Visa.

    To find the most affordable Super Visa insurance plan, compare quotes from multiple insurance providers, consider factors such as deductibles and coverage limits, and seek professional advice to make an informed decision.



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